Yoruba Chief Queries Buhari Over Continued Closure Of Seme, Idiroko Borders

Prominent Yoruba Chief, Iba Gani Adams has queried the federal government over continued closure of the Seme and Idiroko border saying its a disservice to the South-West.
Speaking at the Grand Finale of the 2021 edition of Olokun Festival held at Suntan Beach, Badagry in Lagos State, Adams who is the Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruba land, expressed worry over the worsening insecurity in the country.
He said, “The issue of the border closure is also a thing of worry. Seme border was shut in August 2019 to curb smuggling of goods and weapons.
“However, it is sad that the border still remain close. Closing the border for close to three years, in a nation like Nigeria, is not good for our economy.
“Without war, Seme border and Idiroko closure is a disservice to the Southwest.
“The implication of this prolonged closure on the nation’s economy is huge.
“Therefore, I urge the Federal Government to urgently open the Seme border considering its importance to Nigeria and Nigerians.”
On the worrying state of insecurity, he said: “Reports of the spate of insecurity across the country are damning.
“The prolonged kidnappings, killings and banditry across the country are the greatest challenges of this administration.
“The recent attacks on the  Abuja – bound train, and that of the Oyo town prison were mostly embarrassing.
“All these have affected all the sectors of our economy. I can say it categorically that never in the history of this country have we witnessed so many calamities in any government other than the Buhari administration
 “It is the responsibility of President Muhammadu Buhari to rid himself of ethnic sentiments and religious bigotry.
“With the present security situation in the country, I think there is an urgent need for the Federal Government to look inward, and decentralize the security architectures of this country.
“As far as I am concerned, I think regionalism is the best solution to the myriads of problems confronting the nation.
Let us allow each component of the federating units to have their autonomy to control the security architectures, and other contents of their respective region.
“With the present security situation in Nigeria, it is very clear that Nigeria has grown beyond having only one police structure.
“All over the world, issues of security are local. In any establishment, security should never be compromised.
“Many of the great countries of the world have identified the need to address the security situation in their respective countries.
“On my part as the Aareonakakanfo of Yorubaland, I have also taken the bold step by inaugurating the Southwest Security Stakeholders Group, SSSG, a group of local security organization.
With this formidable group in place, it is our focus to support all the government security outfits in ensuring that the region is safe.
“Until the Federal Government decentralizes the security structure, the prolonged security challenges will always remain the major problem of this administration.”
Also speaking, the Guest Lecturer, Prof. Ayo Yusuff, from Institute of African and Diasporan Studies, University of Lagos, in his lecture, said Yoruba past glory can only be regained with events like the Olokun Festival.
Yusuff said: “With our strengths, Yoruba remains a factor in Nigeria, and there is nothing good that we cannot achieve with our culture and tradition. Therefore, I urge all and sundry to work towards sustaining those cultural heritage.”

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