Why I Won’t Participate In Future Elections In ANLCA – Dr Farinto

Former Acting President, ANLCA, Dr Kayode Farinto 

  • Says His Shadow Haunting Some ANLCA Leaders
  • Explains Why He’s Not Visible In ANLCA’s Secretariat, Activities
The former acting President of the Association of Nigerian Licenced Customs Agents (ANLCA), Dr Kayode Farinto, over the weekend, said he’s no more interested in leadership position in the association.
Speaking to BUSINESSINSIDERNG, Dr Farinto, a renowed clearing agent and chief executive officer, Wealthy Honey Investment, said he has moved on from the last election and have realized that establishment doesn’t want him as President.
According to him, he has been away from the association’s Secretariat because he hasn’t been given due recognition by the current association leadership.
“I am not thinking about ANLCA election, I am thinking about Nigeria national elections. I don’t know, my shadow at times can be haunting some people because I will be in this office and I will be hearing a lot of things. When we did the election and I saw what happened on that day, I told myself I have done enough and I realized that the establishment doesn’t want me.
“I was the first to congratulate Emenike and I directed my group to work with him. I had a meeting with my group and I told them, Emenike is the president that they should work with him. I have been hearing rumours always but, I have never been to court, I have never asked anyone to disobey the constituted authority so, it seems my shadow is haunting some people.”
When asked why he hasn’t been visible in the association’s Secretariat and activities after the election, Farinto said, “I won’t be visiting or visible in the Secretariat because I follow trends, I read ex-president Goodluck Jonathan’s book because he lost election like me and he was asked if he gives advice to his successor and he said he doesn’t give unsolicited advice.
“If the incumbent had written to me as a former acting president for advice, I will write to him and if I am officially invited in my capacity to ANLCA functions why won’t I go? but when you don’t invite me, they won’t value my contribution or presence.”
He further stated that members of ANLCA  are trooping to his office urging him to contest for the association’s Board of Trustees members.
According to him, he is done with contesting as a candidate in the association, “ANLCA members are urging me to contest as member BoT of ANLCA and I told them i am now a busy person, because I can be called to Abuja at anytime. I don’t have that time anymore and I advice them to search for anyone who will have my blessings.
“Also, I will be undoing myself if I access the current leadership, they will say because I lost an election. I have read a lot of books and I am very careful deliberately decided to be silent. I decided to speak when I see how the industry was going and the only people I think can access the leadership is the members of the association. Yes, I am a member but my accessment is already compromised because of the event of the past,” he stated.

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