While You Are Fighting, Foreigners Took Over Our Jobs – Ex-NAGAFF President Tells ANLCA

Ex-President, NAGAFF, Eugene Nweke

A former president, National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF), Eugene Nweke, has urged the warring factions at the Association of Nigerian Liscenced Customs Agents (ANLCA), to seek out of court settlement through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), saying while they are fighting, foreigners took over clearing agents job.
In a statement made available to BUSINESSINSIDERNG, titled, “ANLCA leadership quagmire, a total derailment of professional fortunes,” Nweke said no court setting has successfully resolved association’s leadership crisis but, rather elongates the peace process and widen division.
According to him, the crisis rocking the part has almost destroyed the corporate fabrics of the once thriving association.
He said, “suddenly, willingness and passion to serve professional colleagues is now misplaced, as undefined interests takes a center stage, tearing them apart, to the extent of almost destroying the corporate fabrics of the great Association. Let me say it clearly, this past four years of leadership tussle, by their actions and inactions, some members or practitioners who looked up to them have passed on and the industry is nothing but a shadow of its own.
“Let me also say to them, that from my over 30 years of association involvement and crisis management, experience has shown that, no normal court setting any where in the world has successfully resolved association leadership crisis or matter, rather it elongates the peace process and widen its division. But with Alternative Dispute Resolution (-ADR), which by design represents an out of court settlement, does so in most cases very successfully.
“If I may ask an innocent question, what interests are we truly projecting and protecting, is it ‘WE OR I?’ Gentlemen, has any of you stolen each other landed property or taken away wife from each other?. The answer is NO.”
“Gentlemen, how long do we continue in this tussle, while the foreigners daily take over our profession in collusion with some shipping and terminal service providers and the agencies of the government are taking our members for granted?”
Nweke, however, urged all warring factions to sheathe their swords for peace to reign in the association and the industry.
“Gentlemen, what legacy are we striving to leave behind us, knowing that posterity is ahead of us. None of us has monopoly of tomorrow as tomorrow is pregnant, so let us resolve here and now to bury ego and pride.”
“Gentlemen, let’ us build and focus on developing our profession collectively and empower our teeming professional colleagues (members).
“God gives leadership powers for service unto humanity. Four years is winding up, can you all sincerely say to yourselves that, you have collectively achieved corporate goals?”
Also, Nweke berated the former leaders of the association, saying their silence no more golden over the issue at hand.
“To the past leaders of ANLCA at all levels, who kept mute and watch the association continuously derailing , I say with due respect, that collectively, your desirous wealth of experiences and wisdom was seriously lacking in this matter, moreso, when it matters most.”
“Finally, non of us is perfect. As such, let us for once advice ourselves. Let us look at each other eye ball to eye ball and tender with a soft brotherly tone mea copa – mea copa ( i have failed you have failed), let’s think about ANLCA, let’s think about our Profession and let’s think about our professional colleagues/members.” he said.

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