Vehicle Importer, Okanlawon, Joins Politics, Declares For House Of Rep

Engr. Olusegun Okanlawon

A vehicle importer, Engr. Olusegun Okanlawon, has declared for politics and joined the race for Ibarapa Central/North Federal Constituency, Oyo State.
Okanlawon, in a press statement made available to BUSINESSINSIDERNG, on Wednesday, said he has picked up his expression of interest and nomination form to give his people quality representation.
According to him, he will slug it out and wrest the seat from the current rep member, Hon. Muraina, who he said haven’t given quality representation.
The statement read in full:

“I am happy to inform my supporters and the good people of Ibarapa Central/North Federal Constituency that, in my bid to represent our constituency in the Federal House of Representatives in 2023, I have picked up my expression of interest and nomination forms from our party, the All Progressives Congress (APC).

“I want to assure you that we are on course to providing model representation to our constituency. We will no longer sit back while our potential is hidden in the shadows of non-challant, narrow representation.
“Many people have reached out to me about rumours that our current representative at the National Assembly, Hon. Muraina, has been offered the APC ticket to return in 2023. I can reliably confirm to you that such rumours are false, unfounded, and intended to manipulate our teeming supporters into surrender. Unfortunately for the peddlers, it is too late for such to happen: the ticket is not to received through propaganda; it cannot be grabbed through the back door.
“I have investigated and I have found the rumours as they truly are: reckless, gluttonous wishes of irreverent supporters of our father. The claim has been refuted by everyone that matters within the APC at the local, state and national levels.
“While I heartily welcome Hon Muraina to APC, I am happy to follow the democratic processes as I work towards securing our party’s nomination and, ultimately, the winning votes in the upcoming elections. Let it be known to all that our party is not destabilized by his arrival. We will do all that is necessary to ensure that our party gets the best candidate and that our constituency gets the representation it deserves.
“I am confident that our people know what they want. I believe they can discern; they can see between the lines. They know that our party needs a candidate that has enough capacity and goodwill to win the election.
“I use this opportunity to encourage other aspirants to pick up their expression of interest forms for various offices. I have picked mine. Pick yours!
“We are at the edge of history. We are overlooking a new tomorrow. Join me and let move our region forward through New Vision, New Direction. It is a new vision that leads us along a new direction. Our destination will be defined by development, progress and prosperity.”

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