To Fight Unemployment, DrinkDirectNG Sets To Empower Women, Young Adults



Have you been wondering how to kickstart your business journey and you’re unable to raise capital? Do you own or have access to a decent size space within Lagos that can be used for a store/outlet/lounge? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you can benefit from the DrinksDirect.NG and Cane Integrated Investment Ltd. partnership.




DrinksDirect.NG in partnership with Cane Integrated Investment Ltd. is giving Nigerians the opportunity to become business owners through its inventory funding/ Receivable Purchase programme for qualified applicants.



The idea was introduced as a solution to tackle the challenges of unemployment and restlessness amongst the ever-growing segment of the population and will provide direct inventory funding for 50 qualified applicants in the first phase of the programme. The plan is to increase the number and location in the second phase.


The beneficiaries of the initiative will get all products and inventory supply from DrinksDirect.NG, funded by Cane Integrated Investment Ltd. at no interest rate provided they are able to meet the specified requirements.


The initiative is a partnership with the beneficiaries and not a one-off scheme, additional small business support and advisory services will be provided. Existing businesses that fit the profile can also apply to be a part of the initiative.


DrinksDirect.NG and Cane Integrated Investment Ltd. partner to empower women and young adults


How To Apply


If you fit into any of the categories or you think you qualify to benefit from this initiative, please fill out this form (link below) and a representative from our will reach out to you.


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