Sanda: Between Misinformation And Miseducation


I came across a rather disappointing opinion piece where someone claimed that Tinuade Sanda, the former managing director of Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC), had supposedly led the company to remarkable heights, garnering attention from stakeholders nationwide.

Allegedly, her strategic reforms, including reducing Aggregated Technical, Commercial, and Collection losses (ATC&C) ATC and C to 1%, were credited with not only reducing electricity leakages but also enhancing operational efficiency.

However, those assertions lacked credibility. It struck me as quite ludicrous that she was making grandiose claims about achieving a 1% ATC and C rate during her time in office. Even in advanced nations, achieving a 5% ATC and C rate is a formidable challenge. Is she intentionally misleading the public, or perhaps she’s simply misinformed?

The truth is that it was under the recent leadership of the acting CEO, Mrs. Rekhiat Momoh, who took the reins just a month ago, that EKEDC began to experience genuine growth and progress. The results of Momoh’s leadership have been swift and significant. She is being praised as a transformational leader and a team player.

The latest reports from the company indeed reflect this positive trend. EKEDC has achieved its lowest Aggregated Technical, Commercial, and Collection losses (ATC&C) in its history. This achievement is not merely about numbers; it signifies the team’s determination and readiness to deliver improved performance. Momoh herself expressed optimism about building on this momentum, pushing boundaries, and aiming for even greater success in the future.

Reducing ATC&C losses, which encompass technical, commercial, and collection losses, is crucial for DISCOs (Distribution Companies) like EKEDC to enhance their financial viability and provide reliable, affordable electricity to customers. It’s an ongoing challenge in Nigeria’s power sector, but strategies such as installing smart meters and improving billing and collection processes are being pursued to address it.

Ultimately, tackling these losses is vital for the sector’s overall performance and sustainability.

Rekhiat Momoh and team’s impressive performance showed that EKEDC’s ATC&C reduced to 10.51% in March 2024 from 30.87% recorded in the previous month of February. This monumental achievement is not just about numbers. It symbolizes our team’s readiness and resolve to ensure improved performance. Looking ahead, we are using this momentum to propel us further. We will continue to challenge ourselves, push boundaries, and strive for greater heights.”

The achievement was a result of the good leadership of Momoh, acting Chief Executive Officer of the company after the removal of Tinuade Sanda, the immediate past managing director. The month of March was historic for EKEDC as the company billed an impressive 15.8 billion and achieved a collection of N15.7 billion, which represents a collection efficiency of 99%.

In March, Sanda was removed from her position and reassigned to WPG Ltd, the core investor that originally endorsed her for Eko Disco.

There is no doubt that Sanda’s PR handlers have an enormous task before them. How will they defend the controversy that continues to shadow her academic credentials with allegations of certificate forgery surrounding her tenure?

What will they say about the fact that initially, she claimed that she obtained a Bachelor’s in Applied Science from Harvard Business School, a graduate institution, which she later amended to Harvard Business School – Executive Education after objections were raised? Similarly, there have been insinuations that her assertion of holding an MBA in Strategic Planning from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland was altered to MBA, Strategy, Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University. Moreover, Sanda purportedly boasts a PhD in Financial Management and Entrepreneurship from Icon University of Management Science and Technology, Benin Republic. But, this institution’s accreditation and the validity of its degrees have come under scrutiny, especially given recent exposés on diploma mills in the region.

Audu, A Public Affairs Analyst Wrote From Lagos

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