Pregnant Woman Denied N16m Winnings By Sportybet Sparks Outrage


In a heart-wrenching turn of events, SportyBet, a popular Nigerian sports betting platform has been called out for denying a pregnant woman her rightful winnings of over 16 million naira. The shocking revelation has ignited fury among the betting community and the general public at large as more users have come out in recent days to share similar tales of despair, accusing SportyBet of withholding their hard-earned winnings and abruptly closing their accounts, leaving them in financial limbo.

The heavily pregnant lady, Salau Fisayo, bravely shared her devastating experience with reporters. “I was thrilled when I saw that the winnings in my SportyBet account have accumulated 16 million naira and was now ready to withdraw after leaving it in the account to grow for a while, but my joy quickly turned to despair when my withdrawal request was rejected without explanation,” she recounted tearfully. “I had assumed it was because I was trying to withdraw a huge amount of money, so I tried to withdraw in smaller bits and still got the same error message.”

“To make matters worse, they blocked my account, and I no longer have access to it, leaving me unable to access the funds I desperately need for my baby’s arrival,” Fisayo lamented.

This experience has caused Fisayo to regret not cashing out her wins on time; she had thought she was making a wise decision by leaving the money to marinate until it’s needed so she doesn’t spend money lavishly.

As the outcry against SportyBet grows, many are calling for accountability and transparency from the platform. The public demands answers as to why users are being denied access to their winnings, especially in cases as sensitive as that of a pregnant woman preparing for childbirth.

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