Leading Change: Kingsley Out Championing Sustainable Fashion Practice In Nigeria


Kingsley Otu is a visionary creative designer known for his innovative designs and advocating for upcycling from a design and sustainability perspective. In his recent call to action for sustainability in Nigeria’s fashion landscape, Kingsley shares the Incognito brand’s vision for promoting design solutions for the planet.

Kingley’s fashion collections are not only ahead of their time in incorporating cutting-edge technologies, but he also uses upcycling to create afrofusion in his designs. Kingley, through the “unchained” collections, creates beautiful garments that promote zero waste. Beyond creating trend-setting designs that lie at the intersection of creative art and fashion, Kingsley is spearheading a movement towards sustainable practices within the industry through the take-back and recycling scheme.

hese programmes allow fashion enthusiasts and consumers to return used clothing to participating retailers and brands across the 36 states of the Federation. The sustainability team at Incognito then facilitates the recycling or upcycling of the materials. This scheme is a significant step towards a growing consciousness of ethical and sustainable fashion practices in Nigeria’s burgeoning fashion sector. As the global fashion scene is tilting towards more eco-conscious designs, there is a need for fashion industry leaders in Nigeria to raise awareness about sustainable fashion practices. Kingsley Otu’s call to action is building the momentum for a sustainable fashion landscape in Nigeria, and it is time for more industry players to join the conversation and take action.


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