How Youth Can Secure Their Future With Technology -Group

As efforts to empower citizens and reduce poverty intensify globally, the need to embrace technology and use the power of the internet to break away from the shackles of poverty where you could leverage on the products of technology to attain financial freedom has again been  brought to the fore by Ambassador Daniel Onoja,  who leads the Omegapro Team in Nigeria.
Speaking during a Press conference held in Lagos to educate and enlighten Nigerians on the need to depend less on government & corporate jobs and engage digital tools to create wealth and reduce the pains and agonies occasioned by the covid-19 pandemic which led to  many job losses and the collapse of many businesses across the world, Onoja said the omegapro platform presents a huge opportunity for citizens to diversify their resources into viable digital opportunities and achieve financial freedom over time.
According to ambassador Onoja,  “Starting a traditional business with all the physical structures such as renting a building or renting an office space,  paying staff and other utility bills to run the business can be very demanding”.
Mindful of the issues and challenges which people have to go through in setting up traditional businesses in Nigeria and Africa at large, it makes a lot of sense to cut off the overhead and other hurdles by embracing reliable digital opportunities like omegapro which takes the stress off you and trade on your behalf using a team of world class professionals and artificial intelligence, AI, which was built and tested for years before it was deployed on a commercial scale”
Ambassador Onoja stressed that Omegapro is a multi-Industry company which deals in digital assets trading with presence in over 160 countries.
He emphasized that  “Omegapro is a combination of industry expertise and technological innovation designed to create wealth without boundary for people without limit” in a connected economy as ours today.
Onoja disclosed that already, millions of persons in over 160 countries of the world are benefiting massively from the Omega pro brand since the commencement of operation some years ago.
“At omegapro,  we share useful information that have the potential of increasing the revenue of prospects, we provide financial education, we coach,  we mentor and encourage people to take advantage of the financial freedom which the system is providing for people globally irrespective of race and creed across the world”.
Onoja stated that by activating your membership in the system, you benefit from the daily proceeds of digital assets  trading by Omegapro. Also, you have the option to tap into the generous compensation & career plans of the company that rewards business recommendations and expansion in different amazing ways both in cash and in incentives.
In his words “The company shares daily profits with you as you relax in the comfort of your home or focus on your job or primary business anywhere in the world because the Internet as they say has made the world a global village-no more boundaries nor language barriers”
Amb. Onoja explains further that “From 2019 to date we have recorded huge success stories out of the stable and consistent business operations of the company such that Millionaires have emerged and continues to emerge within the Omegapro family”.
“In Nigeria, we are excited by the results and can boldly invite all those who crave financial freedom to join us and tap into the huge opportunities that we are seeing at Omegapro”
“We have a vision to impact a million lives in Africa before this year runs out because we are concerned and touched by the threats of Economic down-turn in our society. You look around you and you see out of school children and unemployed youths everywhere. Even the employed people are maybe underpaid or have unstable job hence, the need to create a secondary source of income to augment.
“Families are unable to meet their basic needs and everyone should be worried”. More reason why the few privileged people doing fine at the moment should also diversify and create more income streams to remain financially stable for a long time because, those with idle funds are most at risk, losing their purchasing power to inflation by the day.
“For us, Omegapro is what we have to offer and share with our people because we have testimonies and we have the numbers to show how powerful, reliable and dependable the Omegapro platform has proven to be”.
“Governments all over the world are confronted by numerous issues and challenges and it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to provide all basic infrastructures and amenities for citizens. Therefore, citizens must take their destinies in their hands by making conscious decisions and taking massive actions by creating a plan B source of income to secure their future”.
“Hundreds of thousands of persons in Africa from different walks of life which include workplace professionals, Business owners, clergymen , corporate individuals, retirees, Civil & public servants are among those who have keyed into what Omegapro offers and they are testifying to the results”
Assuring citizens on their safety with Omegapro, Onoja said,
Businesses have their inherent risks but omegapro created a business structure that absorbs the shock of poor performance and shield the members from the emotional feelings of bad business days.
“The poor in mind fear and avoid risk, the rich in mind takes calculated risk by seizing opportunities and make more progress. While some people are afraid to act, others are making decisions, taking action and increasing their portfolios in life”, Onoja stressed.
He advised citizens to seize the opportunity which Omegapro presents and secure their future both for themselves, families and friends.

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