GT Bank Is Fraudulent, Customers React Over Massive Deduction From Accounts


This is not the best of time for Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB), as customers are complaining about huge and massive deductions from their accounts by the bank.

Nigerians, who called the bank out on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, using various unprintable names such as ‘Fraudulent, insensitive, among others over irregular deductions noticed on their bank accounts.

They complained that the charges, which ranged from Short Message Service to Stamp Duty, maintenance charges, among others, remained unexplained by the bank, asking the Bank’s officials for explanations.


@I_am_Neeyee posted screenhots of deductions by the bank and said ” Why did @gtbank

remove 18,628 from my account as sms alert charge who did I offend?.. Please who else is being extorted like this

@gtbank what’s the problem?

Another user @SmilingPen wrote ”Who else woke up to being incessantly debited by GTB this morning?

@gtbank this is an act of fraud. Sms alert on my account as far back 2019 to 2022, after the usual ones that you’ve always made.

Dear public, if you have money in GTB, please just transfer to another bank ASAP”!

@OnuohaNneoma posted ”I woke up to over 20 debit messages from Gtbank

@gtbank @gtbank_helpclarify why there are multiple debits … I can’t be the only one suffering this.”

@Femi_MartinsOG tweeted ” i woke up to 17 debits from GTB for sms charges for the past 12months, summing to 2 thousand plus, i could swear they debited me back then for some of the months, this is a case of double charging.”


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