Forex Crisis: Governors Behind Fall Of Naira – Activist 

Idris Etanami Usman
An activist, Idris Etanami Usman, has attributed the scarcity of foreign exchange to governors converting monthly allocations to dollars,
 Usman lamented the endless paucity of dollar denominations in the country which he said, has affected genuine businesses.
He further noted that the investigations his company conducted uncovered alarming evidence pointing towards the complicity of certain state governors in exacerbating the dire situation.
Usman, who is a leading data mining and public relations executive, in a statement made available to newsmen in Abuja on Thursday, lamented the crisis, stressing that the role of governors with regard to economic policies must be redefined.
He insisted that the routine conversion undermines the stability of the nation’s currency.
The statement also decried the lack of palliative distribution by some governors despite the huge financial support from the Federal Government.
“At a time when millions of Nigerians are struggling to make ends meet, the failure of state governors to fulfil their obligations to the people is both reprehensible and inexcusable.
“It is clear that the actions of these governors have contributed significantly to the economic crisis facing our nation. By prioritising personal gain over the well-being of their constituents, they have betrayed the trust placed in them by the Nigerian people.
”We call upon these governors to be held accountable for their actions and to take immediate steps to rectify the damage they have caused.
He called on anti-graft agencies to deepen the investigation into the financial activities of those governors to bring the culpable ones to book.

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