Ethiopian Airlines Returns To Axum After Airfield Completion


Ethiopian Airlines Group has announced the reinstatement of its daily passenger flights to the city of Axum.

The airline is resuming its flights to the city of Axum following the successful completion of extensive maintenance work on both the airfield and terminal facilities, with contract amount of 290 million Ethiopian Birr (ETB).

 Ethiopian Airlines is committed to providing unparalleled services on this route, connecting travelers to the rich cultural heritage of Axum.

Sending his congratulatory message over the flight resumption, Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO, Mr. Mesfin Tasew said, “We are truly pleased for reinstating our flights to Axum, a cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its cultural significance. Our return to Axum with a daily service after the massive investment on airport facility maintenance is a testament to our commitment to boost air transportation services in the country. As a national carrier, we are determined to invest in and improve our flight offerings nationwide.’’

Axum is home to the ancient Axumite Kingdom, and it is a significant symbol of Ethiopia as an origin to one of the oldest civilizations. Ethiopian currently serves 20 domestic destinations. In our pursuit of excellence, we are dedicated to expanding our domestic reach and enhancing the quality of services.

This commitment is exemplified by our ongoing efforts to construct and modernize aviation infrastructure across the country. It is to be recalled that Ethiopian recently inaugurated the $50 million transformed Addis Ababa Bole Domestic Terminal that marks a significant milestone in enhancing the travel experience within Ethiopia.
Additionally, we have successfully launched modern terminals in Gode and Jinka further expanding our commitment to modern infrastructure. Ethiopian is set to unveil the Wako Gutu Airport Terminal in Bale Robe soon, a town in south-central Oromia Region of Ethiopia.

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