Citing Unemployment, Lagos Ladies Sleep With Dogs For N1.5m


Citing harsh economic conditions and unemployment in the country, ladies between the ages of 23 to 35 years now sleep with dogs to make ends means


In what could be used to sound like tales from far away lands are now live and thriving in Lagos. Girls of easy virtue are now sleeping with dogs, with ease, for as long as the money is good, by their definition. And the business is said to be soaring.


Simply put and as it was reported, depraved men, from all indications, have upped the ante in the sex trade in Lagos. They said to now pay call girls as much as N1.5million to watch them have sex with their dogs, while they busy themselves, with bottles of hard liquor and drugs, most times, recording the scenes for sales abroad as movies.


Reports, as narrated by has it that the new phenomenon, which was quite rare in the past, and were usually heard from outside the country, is fast gaining popularity, apparently because of the grinding poverty in the land and the resort for the easy way out by young girls and their patrons in the industry.


It is alleged that most of the buyers of the new sex business are foreigners with hard currencies. Also part of the very dirty behavior are rich Nigerians, including those in the yahoo yahoo business, looking for the most weird means of seeking pleasure with their sudden, but mostly ill-gotten wealth.

“In the last few days, different videos of such scenes have surfaced on the social media, depicting how far the new tendency has spread, with many commentators beside themselves with anger and spared no words in condemning the ugly situation,” it was reported.


However, ladies involved in the dirty act have attributed unemployment and harsh economic environment as reasons why they are going into dirty means to make money.






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