Amid Fresh Crisis In ANLCA, Aloy Nze Blasts BoT Chairman, Mustapha

Aloy Nze
… Says Mustapha Is Defacto ANLCA President
Amid fresh crisis rocking the Association of Nigerian Licenced Customs Agents (ANLCA), the former chairman of the Association Election Committee (ASECO), Aloy Igwe, has fingered the Chairman Board of Trustees (BoT), Taiwo Mustapha, as responsible for the crisis rocking the association.
Nze in a statement explaining reasons for his resignation as the association’s electoral committee chairman, Nze, accused Mustapha of usurping the power of the President, Emeka Nwokeji, as well as turning himself into a tin god in the association.
ANLCA BoT Chairman, Bode Mustapha
According to him, he had to leave when the atmosphere was becoming suffocating and toxic, saying the BOT Chairman lied in a bid to frustrate him out as ASECO Chairman to pursue his personal political agenda.
“My resignation as ASECO Chairman is as a result of the suffocating foul air in the association. The BOT Chairman thinks he is the law and order in ANLCA as he does not obey simple rules, he does not understand the provision of the ANLCA Constitution as concerns BOT, he does not understand how the association should be run. He is hell-bent on usurping powers he does not have.
” His attitude is annoying and that was why I quietly decided to leave without making noise about it. Unfortunately, he thinks that the best way to harm me is to bring allegation that I did not render an account of my stewardship as ASECO Chairman” the former ASECO Chairman stated.
Nze accused Mustapha of attempting to perpetuate himself as the BOT Chairman as he was afraid to face free and fear elections which ASECO under his leadership will conduct, hence his(Mustapha) political maneuvering to ease him out.
“It is important to state that at a meeting supervised by the regulatory body – CRFFN at Eko Hotels that 8 members of BOT, 4 from each faction and 8 members of ASECO, 4 members from each faction were appointed.
”The arrangement was for ASECO to organize the NECOM election first and the BOT election a month after. But after the NECOM election, it seems that some BOT members are afraid to face AGM for election.
” They, especially the Chairman, have been playing games and tinkering with the idea of dissolving ASECO which was appointed just like them. He has no such powers because the arrangement was not for BOT to remain there in perpetuity. They were not elected.
“Mustapha’s fear is understandable because if the level of transparency and fairness exhibited at the NECOM election last September is applied, someone like him won’t return elected. The overwhelming majority of ANLCA members and even his colleagues are sick of his penchant to act as if he is the National President.
“So, he is desirous to put a Chairman of ASECO that will return him elected and if you don’t like it… Go to Court” Igwe alleged.
He further alleged that the BOT Chairman, who he said is less than 10 years in ANLCA, thrives and feeds on crisis.
“Alhaji Mustapha is less than 10 years in ANLCA and he has refused to learn the ropes. He feasts on crisis and whenever there seems to be peace, he creates crisis.
“I decided to leave and I submitted my resignation letter quietly without involving anyone or the Press and NECOM accepted my resignation, thanked me for my services and wished me well in future endeavours.
” But Mustapha took it from there and brought false allegations against me. It is clear that the problem we have in ANLCA is Alhaji Mustapha because ever since he joined BOT, he has stuck to the Chairmanship position as if his life depended on it.
” You can see that he is the one throwing evil narrative to the public because he knows that his continued Chairmanship of BOT is illegal and the only way he can sustain that is to create a crisis and that was basically why I resigned. The man feeds on crisis and this crisis he has regenerated, let’s hope ANLCA will come out of it stronger. I don’t think that stakeholders will fold their hands and watch a greenhorn who knows very little about ANLCA to bring the Association to ruin and disrepute” the former ASECO Chairman declared.

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